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Sharing Accountability for HR Transformation – Chapter 7

Sharing Accountability for HR Transformation – Chapter 7

A successful process of HR transformation involves the right people at the right time in the right way. The importance of involvement in successful change management is well established. We know from decades of social-psychological research that people are more likely to be committed to activities or decisions in which they are involved. This is particularly important in the case of HR leaders and professionals engaged in transformation.

Four groups of stakeholders should be involved with the HR transformation are:

  • HR leaders and professionals: Design the process and work to implement the transformation.
  • Line managers: Make sure the transformation aligns to business goals and work with HR to implement the transformation.
  • External customers and investors: Guide the HR transformation for relevance.
  • Consultants and advisers: Offer frameworks and insights developed by others, and point out potholes that others have stumbled into.

Let’s look at all these stakeholders in detail and see how we can share accountability of our HR Transformation with each of them.