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Introduction to HR Transformation — Chapter 1

Introduction to HR Transformation — Chapter 1

With the onset of the digital age, it is more important than ever to leverage digitisation in business processes. Hr transformation is one such vertical that needs to be prioritised. Not only for growth and seamless functioning but also for appealing to the millennials who are the latest workforce driving the growth story of multinationals all over the world. While paperless offices are gradually becoming the norm, it is equally important to develop and modernise the HR practices for well-tailored millennial-friendly policy implementations.

HR professionals have moved from industrial relations where they negotiate the terms and conditions of work to personnel specialists who have expertise in HR practices like recruiting, compensation, training, and organizational development to business partners who deliver value to business success.

When HR professionals help business leaders deliver value to investors, customers, and communities, HR, in turn, creates value. This chapter is a series of many such topics that talk about HR Transformation and how it affects businesses.