Cut down 60% of your Onboarding Cost with Digidesk

Cut down 60% of your Onboarding Cost with Digidesk

In our previous blog, How to Calculate Employee Onboarding Cost we found out how much it really costs to onboard an employee, and we did so by drilling down into the real cost of the new-hire in each phase of […]

Employee Onboarding Cost

How to Calculate Employee Onboarding Cost

The process of On-boarding involves a lot of paperwork and time. Companies tend to forget the costs involved with the entire process. Here is a template to calculate the savings one can make by adopting an Onboarding technology.

Digital Transformation of V- Guard Onboarding - Digidesk

V – Guard | Digital Transformation of Employee Onboarding | Case Study

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Onboarding is a pleasure, not a pain

Onboarding should be a Pleasure, not a Pain!

Onboarding is a critical weakness for a majority of organizations that stalls new hire momentum. A poor onboarding experience threatens to disengage enthusiastic employees during their crucial first weeks on the job From childhood, I’ve been personally haunted by physical […]

What is Onboarding. Definition by Industry Experts

What is Onboarding? True Meaning by Industry Experts

Purpose of Onboarding The main purpose of the onboarding program is to introduce new hires to their job, coworkers and the organization and its work culture. Every organization, big or small, prepare their own onboarding plan suiting to their business […]

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Introduction to HR Transformation

Introduction to HR Transformation — Chapter 1

With the onset of the digital age, it is more important than ever to leverage digitisation in business processes. Hr transformation is one such vertical that needs to be prioritised. Not only for growth and seamless functioning but also for […]

Reduce Employee Onboarding cost in Saudi Arabia

How to Reduce Employee Onboarding Cost in Saudi Arabia

In our previous blog, How to Calculate Employee Onboarding Cost we found out how much it really costs to onboard an employee, and we did so by drilling down into the real cost of the new-hire in each phase of onboarding in […]

Mobile Based Onboarding Solution


WHAT IS ONBOARDING AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT  Onboarding is the process by which new hires are emotionally, physically and professionally integrated into the established culture and operations of their new employer. It is ideally the first step in the […]

Making HR Transformation a success

Making HR Transformation a Success – Chapter 8

Transforming the HR department is far more difficult than people generally anticipate. Making change happen involves two challenges: identifying in a logical way what should happen (this is the content of the transformation), and turning that content into what actually […]

Sharing Accountability for HR Transformation

Sharing Accountability for HR Transformation – Chapter 7

A successful process of HR transformation involves the right people at the right time in the right way. The importance of involvement in successful change management is well established. We know from decades of social-psychological research that people are more […]

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Upgrade HR Professionals

Upgrade HR Professionals – Chapter 6

Ultimately, HR transformation depends on the quality of HR professionals. Given the challenges of understanding the full business context, defining important business-related outcomes, and redesigning the HR department and state-of-the-art HR practices (all in our previous chapters), the bar has […]

How to do HR Transformation

How to do HR Transformation – Chapter 5

HR transformation requires clarifying the strategy and structure of the HR department, then focusing on enhancing their work. In this chapter, we offer a road map for HR Transformation practices based on two dimensions: Content: What is the work of […]


Redesigning the HR Department – Chapter 4

In the first two chapters of our HR transformation series we answer questions to why (do HR transformation) and what (outcomes) of HR Transformation. In this chapter, we address the “how”. How do we digitally transform the HR functions & […]

Outcomes of HR Transformation

What are the Outcomes of HR Transformation? – Chapter 3

HR transformation is not a single event — it’s a new pattern of thought and behavior. As discussed in Chapter 2, the rationale for the transformation comes from general business conditions and the ability to increase value to specific stakeholders. The traditional […]