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What is Onboarding? True Meaning by Industry Experts

What is Onboarding? True Meaning by Industry Experts

Purpose of Onboarding

The main purpose of the onboarding program is to introduce new hires to their job, coworkers and the organization and its work culture. Every organization, big or small, prepare their own onboarding plan suiting to their business needs. It is an essential part of human resource management.

There are many ways to effectively orient new employees to a company and position, but certain formalized programs are more beneficial because they are consistent and standardized.

Types of Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Often referred to as organizational socialization, employee onboarding refers to the process through which new employees gather the necessary knowledge, skills and behavior to become an efficient part of the existing team.

Consumer Onboarding

The onboarding process used to increase the likelihood of a new user successfully adopting your product/ service after purchase is known as user onboarding. The primary reason behind businesses making it a vital part of their marketing strategy is retention.

Client Onboarding

One of the most critical functions for B2C as well as B2B companies, client onboarding directly impact the client experience, servicing, and relationships leading to increased acceptance. Every client has different expectations, goals, objectives, and grasp of the product or service you are offering; making it a must to include a self-introduction while onboarding them.

The following insights are on employee onboarding

It is unfortunate to see businesses invest significant amounts of time and money in recruiting and hiring new staff only to see many of them walk out the door within the first 3 months. If not done correctly, employee onboardings can be a huge expense with no returns.

Unfortunately, thats the truth. According to a research done on an employee onboarding survey of over 1000 employed US workers, 31 percent of people have left a job within the first six months, with 68 percent of those departing within three months. For many such employees, the reason being a poor onboarding experience.

If you feel a part of the same boat, then before delving into how you can improve your onboarding experience, start by asking the most fundamental question What does Onboarding mean to you?

To help you answer this question we’ve compiled a list of top 5 onboarding definitions from HR industry experts.

Industry Experts On Employee Onboarding (Info-graphic)

“Onboarding starts with satisfying the most basic of Maslow’s psychological needs: belonging. New hires shouldn’t arrive at an empty cube and be forced to forage through corridors searching for a computer and the bare necessities of office life. A new hire isn’t a surprise visitor from out of town. Plan for their arrival.”

~ Jay Samit, Independent V.C., Deloitte

“I truly believe that onboarding is an art. Each new employee brings with them the potential to achieve and succeed. To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.”

~ Sarah Wetzel, H.R. Consultant, BBSI

“Ultimately, your onboarding experience is your employees’ initial introduction to the company — if you don’t implement a memorable and helpful onboarding process that fully integrates new employees into your company, you risk higher turnover rates and less productive teams.”

~ Caroline Forsey, Staff Writer, Hubspot Learning

“I say this because understanding the foundational principles of effective onboarding is like understanding the fundamentals of great design: once you understand them, there’s no limit to what you can create.”

~ David Lee, Principal & Founder, HumanNature@Work

“Employee onboarding is the design of what your employees feel, see and hear after they have been hired. Often, companies confuse onboarding with training. While training does have a role within the onboarding it doesn’t represent the entire scope of the process.” –
~ Michel Falcon, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

What is onboarding - infographic

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Our Definition of Onboarding

With over 480000 employee onboardings done on our onboarding experience software and trusted by leading companies for a seamless onboarding experience, who better to ask “what is onboarding” than us?

Here is our definition of Onboarding.

We define onboarding as the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective members of your organization, even before they join.

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