Did you know that 20% of new hires quit within the first 45 days of starting a job citing poor onboarding as a reason? That’s precisely why it’s crucial to have an onboarding experience solution in place.

In this e-book, We have gathered the most pertinent insights to help you understand and implement a successful onboarding process for your company. Learn how to build better connected, more engaged and higher performing teams.

This guide is a detailed read on how you can use Employee Onboarding to amplify your Employee Experience.

The e-book contains:

  • Onboarding Definitions by various industry leaders
  • An Ideal Onboarding Flow with Insights into each stage of onboarding - PreOnboarding, Onboarding and Post-Onboarding/Engagement
  • An Ideal HR Teck Stack
  • Detailed Checklist for Employee Onboarding
  • Case studies of how companies such as V-Guard, CB Insights & Je-Dunn used onboarding technology solutions to optimize their onboarding function.