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Automate Employee Form Filling | Feature – Digidesk

Automate Employee Form Filling | Feature – Digidesk

What does it take to give the new hires a red carpet welcome that we so often talk about? With over 5,00,000 onboardings successfully done, you can count on us when we say that providing a great onboarding experience starts with a simple step of Automating Onboarding Form Fillings. How? Let’s find out!

Problems with the existing Onboarding System

HR forms and templates make record-keeping and documentation chaotic. There is insufficient communication and coordination between HR teams and employees when using paper-based forms and templates.

According to a research done on an employee onboarding survey of over 1000 employed US workers, 31 percent of people have left a job within the first six months, with 68 percent of those departing within three months. For many such employees, the reason being a poor onboarding experience. Digging deeper into the causes of poor onboarding led to the discovery of two of the major causes both of which were related to monotonous form filling and storage, which are also seen as major causes of increased employee turnover.

Monotonous form filling

Employee Form filling is a boring yet integral part of the onboarding process. Almost 75% of the form fields are repetitive which makes the whole process of filling the form very monotonous and tiresome.

Storage & Retrieval

Storing the most important onboarding forms are usually physical which are subjected to loss as they are stored in a physical location. In case of a natural calamity like a fire break out or flood, the physical forms will be at the risk of loss and degradation.

How to Automate Form Filling Using Digidesk?

With our Onboarding Experience Platform – Digidesk, automating forms is just as easy as a click of a button. Our software uses a dynamic form generation algorithm to automatically populate employee-related information into any form that the company requires.

By far we know that a great onboarding experience retains employees. All that the new hires would want to enter in the app is just basic information to initiate the onboarding process. Digidesk then automates employee form filling process with the help of the user-given data.

The following steps describe the process that happens after the candidate installs the Digidesk app.

Automate Employee Form Filling - Onboarding Experience Platform Digidesk

Step 1: Login with credentials (generated by Admin) and verify Phone number (via OTP).

The Profile shows all the basic details like Name, Company, Designation, Number, Location and, the status of the application.

Step 2: Enter personal & professional details. These include Education, Family, Experience and KYC details, EPF/ESIC, Gratuity Offer Checklist, etc.

Step 3: Sign the NDA agreement and the IT policy.

Step 4: Recheck everything and click submit.

After taking all these details, Digidesk’s dynamic form filling algorithm comes into play. We call this process MAGICAL FORM FILLING. More on it below.

Magical Form Filling

In one of our articles What is Onboarding: True Meaning by Industry Experts one of the experts Sarah Wetzel says “To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.” We believe that one of the factors that affect this new energy while joining a new company is lost when they have to tirelessly fill out form after form with almost 70% of it being repetitive.

Magical form filling makes the whole process of filling up forms easy and interesting, by taking the information provided by the candidate above and entering them in the fields of the forms, where and when they are required.

This process is absolute magic. Our form filling algorithms matches the form fields the employee has filled in to the field in the form and copy pastes the exact same text into the form.

These details are then updated to the Admin/HR in real-time and can be viewed by your HRs in their dashboard.

Automate Employee Onboarding Form - Digidesk

Digidesk aims at significantly reducing the paperwork throughout the company and make the whole process of onboarding paper-free. By going digital, Digidesk not only eliminates paperwork but also ensures the proper storage and retrieval of the documents by storing the documents in secure cloud storage.

With our Magical Form Filling Feature, we have brought down the total onboarding time by about 80% for some of our key clients. To learn more about Digidesk – The leading Onboarding Experience Platform in the world, schedule a demo today!


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