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Onboarding - Pleasure not a pain.

Onboarding should be a Pleasure, not a Pain!

Onboarding is a critical weakness for a majority of organizations that stalls new hire momentum. A poor onboarding experience threatens to disengage enthusiastic employees during their crucial first weeks on the job From childhood, I’ve been personally haunted by physical […]

What is Onboarding. Definition by Industry Experts

What is Onboarding? True Meaning by Industry Experts

Purpose of Onboarding The main purpose of the onboarding program is to introduce new hires to their job, coworkers and the organization and its work culture. Every organization, big or small, prepare their own onboarding plan suiting to their business […]

Digital Transformation of V- Guard Onboarding - Digidesk

V – Guard | Onboarding Case Study

The kangaroo is a marsupial from the family Macropodidae (macropods, meaning “large foot”). Marsupials are any members of the mammalian infraclass Marsupialia. All extant marsupials are endemic to Australasia and the Americas. A distinctive characteristic common to these species is […]


Automate Employee Form Filling | Feature – Digidesk

What does it take to give the new hires a red carpet welcome that we so often talk about? With over 5,00,000 onboardings successfully done, you can count on us when we say that providing a great onboarding experience starts […]


A Great Onboarding Experience Retains Employees

The process of integrating a new employee into an organization is known as onboarding. Onboarding is supposed to be an experience to the new hires, not a process. If the employee feels great throughout the great onboarding experience then they […]


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